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di(ethylene glycol)dibenzoate

Details for di(ethylene glycol)dibenzoate

di(ethylene glycol)dibenzoate


Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

di(ethylene glycol)dibenzoate
CAS NO: 120-55-8
EC NO: 204-407-6
Molecular Formula: C18H18O5
Molecular Weight: 314.3325
Specification: 225kg
InChI: InChI=1/C18H18O5/c1-13(22-17(19)15-9-5-3-6-10-15)21-14(2)23-18(20)16-11-7-4-8-12-16/h3-14H,1-2H3
Packing: drums
Product description:
Colorless oily liquid with a slight odor. Boiling point 236 °C (667 Pa), relative density (21/4 °C), 1.1751, refractive index (nDChemicalbook20) 1.5448, flash point (open cup) 232 °C, viscosity (20 °C) 0.11 Pa·s. Soluble in general organic solvents, slightly soluble in water.This product is polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate and other resin plasticizers, with strong solubility, good compatibility, low volatility, oil resistance, water resistance, light resistance, good pollution resistance and other characteristics, suitable for processing PVC flooring material, plasticizing paste, polyvinyl acetate adhesive and synthetic rubber.
Uses: Plastic chemical industry; Organic chemical raw materials; Aromatics; Plastic additives; Raw materials; Plastic additives; Other raw materials; Functional additive chemical raw materials; Organic raw materials; Chemical materials; Chemical raw materials
Synonyms: Diethylene glycol dibenzoate;oxydiethylene dibenzoate;2,2'-Oxydiethylene dibenzoate;Ethanol, 2,2'-oxybis-, dibenzoate;Polyol benzoate;oxydiethane-2,1-diyl dibenzoate;DEGDB;
Molecular Structure: di(ethylene glycol)dibenzoate 120-55-8
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