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Epoxy resins

Details for Epoxy resins

Epoxy resins


Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

Epoxy resins
CAS NO: 61788-97-4
Molecular Formula: (C11H12O3)n
Molecular Weight:
Packing: 240kg/drum
Product description:
Epoxy resins are widely used as adhesives, anti-corrosion materials, insulation coatings, laminated materials, casting and impregnating materials, molding materials, etc. It can also be used as glass fiber reinforced plastics, electrical precision parts, shock-proof sound-absorbing materials, and textile finishing agents. In terms of coatings, it is mainly used as a metal protective coating for ships, steel components, metal containers, etc
Uses: Lipids; Paint paint anti-corrosion materials; Coating material: OPZ- 115; Pharmaceutical raw materials; Chemical raw materials; Ethers; Auxiliary intermediates; Raw materials; Main products; Flagship products; Resin emulsion; Ordinary chemical raw materia
Synonyms: Epoxy - Polyester Resin 50/50% powder;Epoxy resin;EPICHLOROHYDRIN RESIN;POLYEPICHLOROHYDRIN;POLYEPICHLOROHYDRIN AVERAGE MW CA 700000 (GPC);phenolic epoxy resin;Resin epoxy;(Chloromethyl)oxirane,homopolymer;(chloromethyl)-oxiranhomopolymer;Adhesive-Epoxy
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