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Details for Dicyclopentadiene



Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Basic organic raw materials

CAS NO: 77-73-6
EC NO: 201-052-9
Molecular Formula: C10H12
Molecular Weight: 132.2
Specification: Polymer-grade, EPDM-grade, Polyester-grade, Low-purity
InChI: InChI=1/C10H12/c1-2-9-7-4-5-8(6-7)10(9)3-1/h1-2,4-5,7-10H,3,6H2
Packing: Bulk or 208L drum
Product description:

CAS No.: 77-73-6

Molecular Formula: C10H12


AppearanceTransparent liquid without mechanical admixture
Color Value (Pt-Co)?≤100150200200
Content %?≥95927868
Cyclopentadiene %?≤11----
Water % ≤
Packing:Bulk or 208L drum. ?
Storage:Kept away from heat source, open fire, direct sunlight with good ventilation, package should be tight sealed, no touch with air. It is better to store/transport it at low temperature. It is not suitable to store it in great quantity or for very long time. It should be stored separately from oxidizer or acid. ?
Transportation:As hazardous matters class I, the bulk can be handled by tank truck. ?




Uses: Dicyclopentadiene is reactive. It can be used as high energy fuel. Through different reaction, it can produce metal derivative, epoxy resin, polymer, compounds like norbornene, adamantane, glutaraldehyde, perfume, medicine and other fine chemicals.
Synonyms: 3a,4,7,7a-Tetrahydro-4,7-methanoindene;Cyclopentadiene dimer~3a,4,7,7a-Tetrahydro-4,7-methanoindene;DCPD;dicyclopentadiene (stabilized with bht);Dicyclopentadiene (>95%);Dicyclopentadiene (70%);Dicyopentadiene;Dicyclopentadiene (80%);Dicyclopentadiene dimer;
Molecular Structure: Dicyclopentadiene 77-73-6
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