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CN ChemNet > Gold Suppliers > Maxpharm Group
About Us

    Hubei Maxpharm Industries Co.,Ltd, set up in 2001, is a leading industrial company of APIs in China. We have three GMP/ISO-approved manufacturing bases to produce Pancreatin,Procaine Hcl, Potassium/Magnesium DL Asparatate, VB12/VB6/VB1,Amiodarone Hcl,Erythromycin,Acyclovir,Disulfiram,Sulfanilamide,Sulfadimethoxine,Etamsylate with price and quality advantages.

    Our share-controlled factory Huanggang Saikang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is a major GMP manufacturer of Melatonin,Anethol Trithion,Metronidazole, Nitroxoline,Dimetridazole, Secnidazole in China. Its Melatonin has been approved by several multinational companies in USA, and its Anethol Trithion has been EUDMF approved.

    Our share-controlled factory Hubei Veterinary Products Factory is the main manufacturer for Choline Chloride 60% powder, 75% liquid, Zinc Bacitracin 10%/15%, Cyromazine, and Dextran Iron 10%/20% under Vet GMP.

    Our close partner Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is the biggest producer of Metronidazole with GMP/COS, which has also been registered in Russia through us in 2011.

    We also do trading with reliable Chinese GMP manufacturers on agent basis. We are good at searching new products for our clients and documentation work including DMF/COS.

    Taking advantage of own production and professional export, we can supply more than 300 items for export with competitive prices and reliable quality. Our export has covered Europe, especially Eastern Europe, South and Central America, Mideast, Africa, Asia with good reputation. Our annual turnover has reached usd 20million.

Contact us
86-27-85350493 85485956
Mobile phone:
86-27-85788237 85787941
Zip Code:
B-24AB, Qingnian Plaza, Wuhan, 430022, China
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