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Yizheng EAST Chemical Co., Ltd.(Yizheng EAST Chemical Co., Ltd.)

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Yizheng EAST Chemical Co., Ltd.(Yizheng EAST Chemical Co., Ltd.)
CN China Suppliers > Yizheng EAST Chemical Co., Ltd.(Yizheng EAST Chemical Co., Ltd.)
About us

East group was founded in 1989, formerly Yizheng City East Chemical Co., Ltd., which Shareholding was reformed to Private joint-stock enterprise in 1996.

The fixed assets is 240 million RMB currently. The company has been devoting to R&D and manufacture of pharmaceutical, pesticide, electronic intermediates etc.Through a long-term effort our company has become a Global designated purchase and custom processing enterprise of many international famous pharmaceutical factories such as Bayer(German), Merck(U.S.) etc.

Subsidiaries: Yizheng City East Chemical Co., Ltd., Yizheng East Chemical Co., Ltd., Yizheng City Pingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Guan'nan East Chemical Co., Ltd. and Yizheng City East Chain Transmission Co., Ltd. Yizheng City East Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is located in Yizheng City Chemical Development Zone, which is close to the Yangtze River and enjoys convenient transportation. There are 250 staff, and 80 engineers and technicians. We have independently R&D Dept. and laboratory. We own total area 52,600㎡.

Guan'nan East Chemical Co., Ltd., with an occupied floor area of 73000㎡, is in Lianyun'gang Chemical Park, enjoying excellent geographic and human environment.

The company is engaged in the R & D, manufacture and sales of intermediates for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and fine chemicals. With self-support imp. & exp. power, we sell 90% of all products to Europe, the US and Japan. Approved by ISO9001-2000and ISO14001 Environmental Management System, the company boasts complete R&D, production, Q.C. and sales systems, which are vital to the survival of the company. Top notch technicians and mature technologies make us highly confident in front of our world-wide customers.

Yizheng City East Chain Transmission Co., Ltd. and Yizheng City Pingsheng Machine Making Factory produce precision roller chains, leaf chains, hinge type flattop chains, inverted tooth chains, conveyor chains and other special-purpose chains, which are widely used in motorbikes, textiles, food, tobacco, beers, building materials, metallurgy, water conservancy industries, and have been widely and well recieved among customers nationwide.

Upholding the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Foremost and Honest", we offer you quality services.

Contact us
Web site:
Room 911, Fortune Plaza, No.287 Yangtze River Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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